Romanian porn movie 2019 with two anal romances

Romanian porn movie 2019 with two anal romances

I was quietly wandering around my neighbour’s room. Again. And I was wearing Justine’s old PE kits – including her bra and navy blue knickers. Again. “I have to admit, seeing the lump of your raging hard-on does something for me,” Justine said, touching up the last of the make-up she had applied to my face. My lips were now a dramatic scarlet and Justine had gone to great pains to highlight my cheekbones and eyes. “Not as much as your raging hard-on does for me, Mistress.” Justine’s mouth twisted into a smile as she wanked the shaft of her strap-on. “There,” she said, standing back to admire her handiwork. “Have you been thinking about being on your hands and knees on my bed, getting fucked like a girl?” My stomach tightened as I nodded. From Justine’s expression, I was sure that my cock twitched, making my excitement visible. “Me too. I’ve been thinking about it a lot.” Other commitments had kept us apart for a few weeks, but none of that mattered now. I was back in Justine’s bedroom, dressed in the gym clothes from her school days waiting for her to take my anal virginity. “I never imagined I’d take a boy’s virginity like this.” Justine’s voice had a distant, breathy quality and as I watched, her nipples pulled into tight, hard peaks. Those nipples liked to be pinched, pulled and nibbled – especially when they’re coated with my spunk. “Uhhhh...” Justine groaned as I gripped her left nipple, squeezed it with my thumb and distorted the curve of her breast by pulling. Touching her bare body made me aware of her clothes against my skin… and as Justine pressed against me, she became aware of my body under her clothes. “I like it when your cock’s trapped in my little blue knickers.” I whimpered as she talked dirty to me. “Such a big fat cock,” she said, making my jaw clench as she slipped her hand under my gymslip and took a hold of my cock and balls through her underwear. “For such a petite little girl.” Searing heat filled my nerves as Justine wanked my cock. “How long since your last orgasm?” Justine already knew the answer to this question. “Ten days.” “Ten days of torment, no doubt.” Justine grazed the length of my cock with her fingernails. “The wait will be worth it, I promise.” Something flashed across her eyes, and I sensed that there was a plan “I’m going to make you eat all that lovely spunk.” Justine never was one for keeping things to herself. “But first,” she said, pulling away and circling me. “I want to fuck you.” I gasped as Justine helped herself to a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. “Are you OK with this?” she whispered in my ear. “I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you. I really don’t know what I’m doing.” “Bring it on.” “You cocky bastard,” she said, throwing my head forward in disgust. I sprawled theatrically across her bed with my bum held high, deliberately showing my blue knickers and my white, knee-high pull-up socks. Justine almost smiled but managed to school her face back into a stern expression. “I’m going to enjoy sticking my cock right up you,” she said, waggling the cock in what she imagined being a menacing manner. “Deep inside your tight, virgin hole.” Justine flicked my skirt up and pushed the tip of her cock into the centre of my blue-knicker-clad bottom. She accurately speared right against my arsehole, which caused a wave of panic to flood up my spine… and a flood a viscous cock-glue to leak into the blue knickers. That desperately-stretched cotton which had protected Justine’s pussy during Physical Ed was now the only thing protecting my anal innocence. “Take ‘em off,” Justine snarled. “And you’d better be all nice and smooth underneath.” I was super-smooth: the fantasy of my feminisation was important to both of us. My stomach did a flip of excitement as I exposed the root of my cock, my balls and my arsehole. Out of Justine’s sight, I wrapped her skirt around my cock and wanked it gently, enjoying the sensation of my juices leaking into the material. “Such a tiny little thing,” Justine commented, jabbing a sharp fingernail against my anus. “Oh fuck!” The fingernail felt like a bee sting and my hips shot forward involuntarily, driving my sensitive cock deep into the tunnel of Justine’s gym skirt. “I don’t know if this is such a good idea.” It’s a good idea. “I need you to be bossy and bitchy.” “Bossy and bitchy. Right.” I prayed that Justine wouldn’t lose her nerve – she sounded as though she was right on the edge. “Please do it.” I flinched as the fingernail returned and tried pushing in dry. There was no way it was going to work with no lubrication, although there were plenty of lubricating juices leaking out of my cock. I whimpered as Justine spat on me; my excitement rising as she disrespected me, as she dominated me. Her sharpened nail brushed my anus once again but this time, it pushed in hard. Pinpricks of electricity shot along my nerves as she penetrated me. “It’s so tight,” Justine murmured. I could feel her finger in my arse and my back arched as the slender digit parted my inner muscles. “Isn’t your prostate somewhere in here?” My cock jumped as a claw scratched across something sensitive inside. “Sorry.” “Please.” I didn’t care that I was begging. There was a new kind of tightness gripping my balls as Justine finger-fucked my arse. She kept spitting into the slippery pit of my anus as she pumped her finger slowly in and out. My muscles loosened and then tightened, straining to push me over the edge. Suddenly the willingness of my hole to be fucked translated into movement of my hips. I found myself thrusting back on Justine’s fingers. “You want more?” “Yes. God damn it. I want your cock.” Justine sniggered. “I know how that feels. Just a sec
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.” The bed lurched as Justine shifted away. I watched the bounce of her breasts and the silhouette of her cock swaying as she passed the window. “I’m not going to bother to tell you not to look. I think we’re passed that stage.” Justine pulled a battered cardboard box off the top of her wardrobe, opened it up and removed a stack of magazines. As they fanned out across the floor, I was surprised to see pornographic covers amongst the Bellas and Glamours. "This is my fun box,” she said, bringing it back to the bed. I wondered what else was hidden inside as Justine rummaged. Justine caught me staring at the pornos. “There’s nothing in there as dirty as what we’re doing right now.” Sensory overload threatened to tumble me into an orgasm when Justine’s finger sank back into my arse; it was hot and cold at the same time – exquisite torture as she fucked me hard and fast. Whether she was annoyed at me for looking at the magazines, or confident now that she was using proper lubrication, Justine pumped my bum. “I think you’re ready for another finger.” My sphincter strained and then stretched. If that was what two fingers felt like, I suddenly worried about the girth of Justine’s fake cock. “Poor baby,” Justine murmured, responding to my strangled gasps as she fucked the heated core of my ass with her fingers. “Imagine what it’ll feel like when my cock’s in there.” It was hard not to come. And I desperately wanted to feel Justine’s cock in there before I gave in to that first proper anal orgasm. “Please give me your cock!” I wailed. Justine did. I held my breath as the blunt head slowly opened the knot of muscles even wider. “It’s going in!” Justine shrieked with girlish delight. “Yes, Mistress.” The words came out through gritted teeth as I gave up my anal virginity to this girl; this amazing girl. “Now I’m going to make you take the rest.” The tone now was dirty and dark. I sensed the wave of feminine satisfaction, perhaps revenge from her own experiences, as Justine slammed the entire cock into my backside. I grunted with physical and psychological shock as Justine held her cock buried deep inside me. The throbbing pressure of being filled was… delicious. “What do you say?” “Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, hoarsely. I waited, obedient as a mannequin, as Justine examined the view. I was Justine’s fuck-toy, to be used and abused as she wished. “I like this,” she sighed, bashing her bony hips against my bottom. The movement drove my cock down into the duvet. “What do you think, Petra?” I grunted satisfaction as Justine pumped my ass. “Do you like your new name?” “Yes, Mistress.” “I was thinking that you’d need a girl’s name if you really did let me fuck you… and you are letting me fuck you.” Her voice was deeper, throatier and dangerously seductive. Justine rolled her hips, and I felt her shaft retreat and then re-enter my ass. At the same time, she reached round and took hold of my cock. Her fingers brushed the sensitive skin like a thousand butterfly wings. “Do you like it when I fuck you, Petra?” “Oh fuck, yes!” I was struggling to hold back the sensations. “Then you’re going to love this.” The light and delicate touch of Justine’s fingers on my cock weren't nearly enough to make me orgasm, but the tantalising drive of her cock into my arse induced the first reflexive spasm of pleasure. “Oh fuck!” My hips pumped involuntarily, but instead of planting my seed deeper into a mouth or vagina, the movement drove my arse deeper onto Justine’s prong. The sensations were intense, my body was awash with pleasure – pleasure which remained centred in my arse even when Justine took a firmer grip on my smooth, hairless cock and pumped it with the same rhythm she was fucking my arse. Every single sense, every nerve, was focused on what Justine was doing to me. “You dirty bitch,” Justine murmured, pulling a ragged groan from me as she gave me the full length of her cock again. The sensation was so sharp that it tipped over into pain, yet I didn’t ask her to stop; didn’t want her to stop. In fact, I lifted my hips to give her better access. My brain shut down and all I could feel was the lashing penetration of Justine’s cock as she continued to fuck me; continued to use me. Nothing mattered except that she keep going. There were no words as Justine fucked me harder and more deeply. She gripped my hips so tightly that I was sure her fingertips would leave lines of bruises. Sweat dripped down onto my skin as Justine continued to pummel me. She started babbling nonsense, as though she was unable to control her voice or her thrusts.They became ragged. Desperate. “Ahhh!” Justine’s quivering body collapsed onto my back, the tremors of her orgasm making the bed squeak alarmingly. Eventually, she rolled off me, smiling a cat-that-got-the-cream smile and blew a puff of air like a breaching whale. “I never thought I’d get there. I just couldn’t quite get myself over the edge.” “Cocks can be like that.” The bed shook again, this time with Justine’s laughter. “It was as though it took over my entire body. There was nothing else… and my cock’s not even real!” “It felt pretty real to me.” Justine lay back, looking up at the ceiling. I didn’t know what she was thinking about as her hand slid across and started wanking my spunk covered cock. “Would you do it with a real cock?” My spine tightened at the thought. I didn’t say anything but my thoughts took on a new direction as Justine wanked both our cocks. “You didn’t answer my question, Petra,” Justine said, using her fingers to transfer the spunk from my second orgasm onto my scarlet-painted lips. I licked my lips and swallowed. “It’s really not my decision, Mistress. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.”

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