Angela A Young Woman With A Big Lindicul

Angela A Young Woman With A Big Lindicul

After Stephie had resumed her previous position, I picked up the forceps left dangling from her pussy lip, took the large curved needle from Shawna, and placed it where I wanted. The sharp point of the surgical steel made Stephie jump a little. I quickly withdrew the needle and reminded her to keep still. Shawna offered up, "It helps if you don't touch the skin until you are pushing it into the target. That's kinda why we use a little topical on the area, too." "Thanks. I'll keep the first part in mind. Stephanie, if you jump again I'll be forced to give you punishment right here, and we really don't have time for that crap. Now hold still and take it like a big girl. You've had much worse than this." With that, I lined up the needle and pushed it right into her cunt lip. I heard Stephie suck in air, but she held her ground. I had to keep pushing to get the needle all the way through. Stephanie winced at that, and emitted a little "Mmmff" as I pushed it through. I left the needle there and let Shawna install Stephie's first gold ring. She first had to "waller out" the hole with the needle, as the ring was thicker than the tool. She completed the first installation and playfully flicked the ring to make it bounce a little. [More chub ensues] "How's that feel, Stephanie?" she asked. "Fine, ma'am. Thank you." "You're welcome, baby. Ready for the next one?" "Yes, ma'am." "D, she can call me Shawna if it's OK with you. She is very respectful though, thank you." "Very well. Stephie, you may call Miss Shawna by her name." "Thank you, Daddy and Miss Shawna." "Just Shawna is fine, Sweetie." "Thank you, Shawna." "Stephie, you may converse freely if you wish. We'll be here for a long while. You may as well be sociable." "Thank you, Daddy. And thank you again for the surprise piercings." "You're welcome, baby. I thought you might like them." Shawna added, "The first one looks great, Stephie. Would you like to see?" She picked up a mirror from her cart and handed it to Stephanie. She stuck it between her legs and checked out her new gold jewelry. "Oh, Daddy, it's a fat one. No wonder it stings." "Yes, baby, it's going to be multifunctional, so I wanted it to be good and strong." Shawna dug into Stephie's quim again to retrieve the same labia we had just pierced. She pulled it out and asked me where I wanted the next one. I said, "I want it centered on her hole." I sat there waiting as Shawna contemplated. "Uh, I'm not really sure where that might be exactly." "Well, hand me the forceps and, if you wouldn't mind we'll just have to put a finger in there, OK?" Stephie was already oozing visibly when she added, "It's okay Shawna, I don't mind if you don't." So, still holding her cunt lip in her left hand, Shawna eased her right index finger into Stephanie's little quim. She exclaimed, "Oh! I can feel the butt plug!" She was blushing terribly again. I was loving it. "Could you push it in farther so I know it's centered properly. Just push it in all the way." She complied, and Stephie moaned. Shawna turned another shade darker, if that was possible. Stephanie's sex now filled our nostrils even more. I thought I heard Shawna inhaling deeply, trying not to be obvious. I relieved the situation a little by taking a big whiff and exclaiming, "Ahhh, you're getting kind of randy, baby girl." "Yes, Daddy. This is fun. Are you liking this, Shawna?" "Uh, uh, er, yeah, I guess I am, Sweetie." "Mmmm, that makes it all the better. Thank you, Shawna." At that, Stephie pushed back onto Shawna's finger a little. Hold still, baby. Daddy's trying to line up the forceps. "K" I placed the forceps next to Shawna's knuckle and clamped them on. Stephie moaned a little, and Shawna quickly removed her finger. She peeled her glove off, threw it away and got another before I could tell her to have Stephie clean it off. Instead, I told Stephie that she was going to start dripping and that she should take care of that. She said, "Yes, Daddy, " and proceeded to wipe the front of her pussy and then clean off her fingers in her mouth. Shawna watched with a glazed expression on her beautiful face. "Ahem, " I cleared my throat to get Shawna back on track, and she handed me the needle. It was very apparent that my little slut and I were showing her things she had never witnessed in her business yet. And she would not soon forget them either by the looks of things. I poked the needle through much easier this time. Shawna installed the ring, a bit shaky, but it took her no time. Within 5 minutes we had the other two installed on the opposite side since we had the first two as guides. As Shawna prepared the next ring and looked for a smaller diameter needle, I reached up, tugged on Stephie's butt plug and gave it a twist, just for grins. I then pushed back to watch. I told Shawna if she needed to remove the plug to get more slack skin she could just pull it out. "Uh, I think I'll be OK. I need a smaller needle and the small gun for her nose piercing. Excuse me." "No problem." She was visibly distracted by her own arousal. When she went to the cabinet to get her supplies I saw her right hand go out of sight on the far side of her from us and thought I detected the hem of her mini rise slightly at an angle. I confirmed my suspicion when I saw her butt jut out a little. Apparently she had taken the liberty to rub herself a couple of times between her legs. I smiled inwardly knowing that we were getting to her. When she returned she was looking a little flushed. She was trying to concentrate and get her head back into the task at hand when I asked, "Were they wet?" "Huh, were what wet?" she exclaimed in surprise, not expecting a question. It kind of threw her off. I said, "Your panties, were they wet just now when you rubbed them?" I stared right at her. "May I?" and I reached for her wrist, gently pulling her right hand to my nose. "Apparently so, " I said as I released her hand. "I'm sorry, I'm distracting you from your work. Please continue." "Yeah, thanks, " she said weakly. She plied herself to her work to try to get the sexual cobwebs out of her head. She asked me just where I wanted the next ring, and I pointed to the spot about 3/4 of an inch below (above, in this position) her pussy; closer to her snatch than her perfect little rosebud. She gave Stephie a good hard pinch on the spot. This made it turn red so she could attach the forceps to the spot. She still had to grab the taint closer to her pussy in order to stretch it enough to get the clamp on. She poked the needle through with expert efficiency, inserted the little golden ring and she was done in no time. Again she handed Stephanie the mirror to check o
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ut all her new adornments. "Oh Shawna, you do such beautiful work, thank you." "You're welcome, Sweetie. You look very nice. Why don't I get you a towel to sit on and you turn the chair around so I can do your nose?" Stephie turned the chair around and Shawna laid a hand towel on the seat, and Stephie sat down. In no time Shawna had Stephie's nose done. She started to clean up the piercing equipment when Stephie asked her, "Shawna, do you wax; you know, down there?" "Yeah, I go to the salon in this plaza. They get a lot of clients from here. They're very good, very professional and they are very experienced with piercings down there. That's why we refer all of our clients to them. I usually go for the last appointment on Fridays. I take a magnum of champagne and we start the weekend when they're done with me. You could come with me this week if it's OK with your...Daddy." "That would be great, " I said, "Stephie could use a little salon time now and then." "It's a date then, " Shawna said, realizing how she had phrased her statement, "I mean..." "I know what you mean, " said Stephanie. "She is only twenty though. I don't know about the champagne thing. She might lose her inhibitions." I laughed. We all laughed. Shawna was now all set up to start the inking process. She warned that she may only get the outline done today and that we may have to come back for the fill-in. In fact she recommended it. I said, "That's fine, Shawna. Whatever you recommend. You must be getting tired of us by now anyway." "Oh, no. It's been very enlightening so far. You two are quite...unique." "Shawna, you're really nice, I like you a lot, " Stephie exclaimed, quite brightly. "Daddy, can I ask you a question in private. I know that's rude, Shawna, but if you'll excuse me a second?" "Sure, Sweetie." Stephie came over, and whispered in my ear that she would like to ask Shawna to come out for dinner at our house afterward, if it was OK with me. I said, "Sure, Baby, that's an excellent idea. Go ahead and ask her." "Shawna, we'd love to have you for dinner. I mean, we'd love to have you come for dinner. Oh, shit. I mean we would like to invite you over to have dinner with us tonight." We all laughed at Stephie's awkward invitation. Shawna blushed again and thought for a moment and said, "I'd love to Stephanie. Thank you. That's so sweet." I said, "Do you like seafood?" "Oh, God, yes." "Well, how about lobster? Or maybe you prefer king crab legs?" "Oh, you don't need to go to that trouble and expense for me. A nice piece of fish is fine with me." "Nonsense, I'm going to go to the seafood store while you do Stephie's outline. You two can get to know one another better. Stephie will be able to open up while I'm not around. It'll be good for her. She doesn't really have any girlfriends, so to speak. I'll be back in a while. You two have fun." I gave Stephanie a peck on the cheek and headed out of the studio. As I was opening the door Stephie called out, "Daddy?" "Yes, baby, what is it" "Can, I mean, may I take out my plug now? It's starting to chafe my butt." Thinking, she's just so sweet, I said, "Sure, baby. Maybe Shawna can help you get it out, it's been in quite a while. See ya later, girls. Have fun." "Shawna?" "What?" "Were you really wet like Daddy said?" "Uh, yeah. I guess." "Why, Shawna?" "Well, Stephie, you gotta admit, this isn't a normal thing y'all got going on here. It's kinda kinky, ya know?" "Yeah, I guess it is. But, Daddy's really good to me. And I like being his little girl. I never had a Daddy growing up. Just a bunch of losers my mom would move in because she needed their money to pay the bills." "Wow, that's sad, Stephanie, I'm so sorry, Baby, " she said as she reached out and stroked her cheek. Stephanie put her hand on Shawna's, and they looked into each other's eyes. Stephanie reached out with her other hand and pulled Shawna in to her. They looked into each other's eyes, then Stephanie moved in to kiss Shawna. She let it happen. It was electric for both of them. Their mouths opened almost immediately as they embraced each other. Tongue found tongue and danced in lust as the two girls' heat consumed them. Hands searching out each other's body. Shawna loving the feel of Stephanie's bare skin as she cupped her tiny, perfect ass. As she did, she felt the plug still lodged deep in Stephanie's rectum. She pushed on it and Stephanie groaned into Shawna's mouth. Shawna tried to pull it out, but couldn't get the leverage she needed. It only served to excite Stephanie more as it pulled on her anal ring. They broke their kiss as Stephanie said with heavy breath, "Pull it out Shawna, please, it's killing me between my cheeks." Stephie bent over and put her hands on her knees inviting Shawna to pull out the butt plug that had been in there for all of four hours now, at least. "Hold on, Baby, " Shawna said, "do I just pull it out? I don't know what to do after one's been in this long." "No, you need to work it in and out a little so I can get used to the big part. Daddy spits on it sometimes to get it lubricated again." Shawna pulled back on it gently, and drooled some spit down onto Stephie's anal ring. Then she rotated the plug to spread her spit around. She then started to gently pull back and then release repeatedly. Stephie started moaning and coaxing her, "That's it. Just keep doing that." After about twenty or thirty pulls Stephie said, "OK, this time pull slowly and keep going. Ohhhh, God, " Stephanie exclaimed as it finally made it past her ring and slid out. "Shit, thank God it was the little one, phew." Stephanie reached back and stuck her finger in her ass. It felt good to push herself back in, or at least it felt like she was. She pulled her finger back out and spread her cheeks slightly and asked Shawna, "Am I opened up?" "Uh, yeah, kinda. About a half an inch or so." "Mmmm, I love when my backside is opened up for Daddy, he can just slide right in." "You like that?" "Yeah, of course. Daddy fucks my ass real good. Then I get to eat the cream pie after." "Cream pie?" "Oh, yeah, Daddy's cum. I squat down and catch it all as it comes back out, then I eat it all up. Daddy doesn't like me to waste his cum." "But doesn't it hurt when he, you know, does you back there?" "Hu-uh, he opens me up real good first. Usually with his tongue and his fingers." "Well, OK, we better get going on your tat or D will be pissed when he gets back." Shawna put the picture above on Stephie's back and began to sketch the outline on her skin. It had been an interesting afternoon, and who knew what the evening would hold in store? Shawna was starting to have second thoughts about going to dinner.

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