He fucks her slowly and she asks him to push her worse in the pussy

He fucks her slowly and she asks him to push her worse in the pussy

Mia and I have been friends for years and we have always been there for each other.   I considered her to be my best friend and we were very close.   So close that we would always share intimate details of each other's sex life with one another and also shared a mutual secret obsession for porn although we had never watched it together.  I started to feel this sexual tension between us and I had a hunch that she might be feeling the same way.  I noticed that she lingered on the hugs she gave me and I she would press her body real close to mine.  She would always give me this look that left me feeling aroused.   Frequently, I found myself thinking about Mia and my thoughts of her would mostly occur when I was with my boyfriend Alex.  The more Alex sucked on my breasts or licked my pussy the more I imagined that it was Mia's tongue on me.  Alex noticed that I was distant with him and I reassured him that everything was fine.  I loved having sex with Alex that I knew for sure.  He always made me wet and I crave his cock all the time.  He knew that he had this control over me and that he could almost make me do anything he wanted.  I just could not fight the feeling that I felt when I was around Mia.  I was always so wet when I was around her.  I struggled between not wanting Alex to find out and being so afraid to lose Mia's friendship that I could not bring myself to tell either one of them what I was feeling. I had never been with a woman or even had the desire to but my attraction to her baffled me to no end.   I kept thinking what would it feel like to suck on her beautiful breasts and/or that nice round ass she had.  It was all driving me crazy.   I just finally gave up and thought to myself that I just needed to get it out of my system once and for all.  So I decided to just go for it so I decided to call Mia up and told her it was girls’ night at my house and that I wanted to show her a new video I had obtained that was really steamy so she had to come over.   I could hear it in her voice that she was sort of taken a back when I suggested we watch this particular kind of movie together but nonetheless she agreed to come over.   I knew Alex would be working pretty late so I had plenty of time to put my plan into motion.   Alex could not find out about my plan to seduce Mia because he would want to join in and control the situation since he has always fantasized about all three of us ravishing each other.  I had other plans because I wanted Mia all to myself tonight so I really had to keep this under wraps.  I felt so guilty not letting Alex in on my plans but having this secret desire was really making me hot.   I heard my doorbell ring and my heart started beating faster because I knew it was her.  As she walked in she had on a red strap-less top with some tight black shorts.  I instantly got wet as she came in and hug me as she lingered for a moment and pressed her body against mine.  I knew I could not be imagining that and I was soon going to find out the truth.  We ate and talked and drank some wine.   We were on our second bottle of wine when I finally got the nerve up to suggest that we watch the movie I had told her about.   She and I were pretty toasted by now and she agreed for me to pop the movie in as we sat on my couch.    I noticed that she sat pretty close to me as I could smell her perfume which was driving me crazy.  The room filled with the sounds of t
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wo women moaning and touching each other I was starting to get so aroused as I felt my nipples get hard.   The two women quickly got into a 69 position and were licking and sucking on each other as I felt the room get hotter.   I kept on drinking my wine as I turned to look at Mia and all she said was how hot the movie was and how come I did not tell her about it sooner as she patted me on my thigh.   I felt shivers run down my back as she started to caress my leg.   The faster the women licked each other the harder she grabbed my leg and the wetter I became.   My heart was beating so fast that I drank the rest of my wine in one gulp in the hopes that it would calm me down.   I could not believe that she was touching me this way.   I did not want her to stop I needed to see where this was going.   Mia and I did not say a word as our eyes were transfixed on the television and I felt her slide her hand further up my leg towards my inner thigh.    I could not take it anymore and I raised my hand slowly and began to caress her shoulder and started to move my index finger in a circular motion all the way to the back of her neck and entangling my hand in her long brown hair.   The moans of the women licking and sucking each other had grown to screams, as it seemed that they were getting ready to climax.   Mia’s hand moved towards my inner thigh and she finally got to the place I desired her to touch the most and slide her hand under my shorts.   I instantly arched my back as the feeling of her touching my panties was more then I could bear.   Everything was building and building from the sounds of the moans that filled the room as the women were heading towards their own feelings of ecstasy and suddenly they both started to scream that they were coming.   Everything happened so fast that before I knew it I turned and looked at Mia and pulled her towards me and started to kiss her hard, pressing my tongue greedily inside her mouth desperately looking for her tongue.   With her hand on my pussy she moved my panties to the side and slid one finger in and started to drive in deep within me.   I started to moan as I pulled her strap-less top down and found what I was longing for, Mia’s nipples.   She was wearing a strap-less bra and I finally wrapped my mouth around one of her nipples as she softly started to moan.        As we kept on kissing each other we both heard the sound of the front door closing and we were startled to see a dark image standing by the entrance of the living room.   Confused and in a daze we stopped what we was doing and I realized that it was Alex and that he had come home from work early.   I was worried that both Mia and Alex would be upset and I wondered how long he had been watching us.   I asked him that very question and he replied that he had seen enough and that he especially enjoyed watching us kiss each other.   He asked if he could watch for a bit longer and maybe join in.   I looked at Mia with concerned eyes and to my surprise she said she did not mind if he watched as long as he did not touch either one of us.   I knew Alex would not like that as I too shook my head in agreement.   So Alex shook his head as well and reluctantly agreed that he would keep his hands to himself as long as Mia was here.   I looked at him and smiled as he gave me this wicked look that said that I was headed for a long night of explanations and fucking after Mia and I were done with each other.

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