Gorgeous porn clip with actress Mia Malkova

Gorgeous porn clip with actress Mia Malkova

Jack London Square in Oakland is an interesting place. By day it is a shopping and gathering spot for people who work downtown. In the late afternoon and night it becomes totally different. My favorite place to stand and observe people is Doggy Diner. You can get just about anything at this Doggy Diner food, sex and drugs. As I was cleaning up from having eaten a late lunch, two young ladies approached. “Do you work at the Oakland Navy Hospital?” They asked. “Yes I do. Is there something you need?” I said being polite. “We heard there was a swinging club up there and would like to check it out. Could you possibly get us in?” I looked at them checking them out and replied. “I can get you into the club, but what’s in it for me?” “I am Ashley and she’s Geena. We like cock and will give you whatever you want if you take us to the club tonight.” Ashley was a tall red head with green eyes a nice rack and curvy hips. 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We can go out back and lay in the grass. Is that okay?” “Oh baby you knew what I wanted. Let’s go.” She coos. I heard these girls were easy, but I never imagined this. I grabbed Geena’s hand and we went around the building to the back area. It was lit by the light escaping out the windows of the ward. I threw the blanket down. Geena stood there reached around her back and unhooked her bra. Her tits stood out no hint of sag. Her nipples were pointing up a little. They were hard and ready to be sucked. She took down her panties. Her pussy was a patch of brown curls glistening in the light. She looks down at me puts her arms out and says “you like what you see? I am all yours. Take as long as you want. I want to be fucked and fucked hard.” I reach up and pull her down. We kiss and I slide my hands all over her body. She is moaning in eager anticipation. Her hand is moving down over my aroused cock. She unzips my pants and pulls it out. “MMMMM I like cock.” She murmurs. She starts to stroke it and it swells in her hand. She smiles with lust in her eyes. I stand up and rip my clothes off. She looks me up and down and her tongue licks her lips in anticipation. I lay back down and she attacks my cock. She grabs it and pulls it to her mouth. She wraps her lips around it and starts pumping it up and down. She is sucking me hard and I feel like my head is going to fly off. She is sure hungry for my cock. As she sucks me, I move my hands down her back seeking her ass and pussy from top down. I get her pussy and she is dripping wet. This girl came ready to fuck. I get harder at the prospect of filling her with my cum. She feels it and moves faster. My hand has found her clit and I flick it and she jumps. She lets out a moan and continues sucking. I feel the roar starting and moving to my cock. She feels it too and sucks even harder pulling me further into her mouth. I shoot my load down her throat. She swallows it all and cleans off my cock. She keeps sucking to get me back up. “You have filled my mouth. Now I want you to fill my pussy and later my ass.” She pronounces. I guess she is in charge. I can follow orders especially these, My cock is standing at attention again. She salutes and giggles. She lifts her leg over me and straddles me looking right in my eyes. I smile back at her contentedly. She grins at me with lust. Her pussy waits. She pulls my cock up and tries to get it inside her pussy. She has trouble as her pussy is so small. We change positions so I can push it in not using her help. I get the tip in and hold there. Her pussy widens and I get a little further. I get halfway in and pull out and in stretching her completely after four thrusts. She is moaning now and moving her hips with me. She wants to get back on top again. I roll off and she mounts me. She is riding me fast and hard. I try to slow her down but she says “I want to go dancing. We can fuck seriously later. I want you and so does Ashley. You can have both of us right here on this blanket. I want your cum and then we can go dancing.” I just shake my head. I am being ridden hard and her pussy if pulling on me too. I feel her getting tighter around my cock. She slows down as she cums all over me. She stays that way for a little bit and starts riding me again. I am building up to shoot my load and she feels it. Her pussy tightens again and we shoot together. Our cum mixes and I can feel the heat of our passion. Before I can shrink down she rolls off and cleans my cock of our cum. I am flaccid now and stand up. I get dressed quickly. I help her up and notice there is nothing dripping out of her. Her pussy is so tight that nothing escapes. I look at her and kiss her. She kisses warmly back with a great deal of passion and promises for later. We fold her clothes into the blanket and leave it under the stairs to the ward. Walking under the walkways we hold hands like young lovers all the way to the EM Club. We go in now and look for Ashley and my friends. We find them at a pool table where Ashley is hustling them out of their cash. Geena and I get out and dance for a while. She is really moving. As she moves her butt is showing out from under my shirt and all the guys are watching her. She loves it. She is such a showoff, but she can dance! We have a few drinks and dance the night away. Ashley comes out on
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to the floor and gets behind me sandwiching me between her and Geena. They grind on me and my cock reacts hard. I can see lust in their eyes. One more dance and we leave. We walk back to my ward. I have my arms around their shoulders with my hand resting on their breasts. I squeeze and rub their breasts and elicit moans deep from within. We stop on the walkway and kiss and fondle each other. Ashley unbuttons her blouse and removes her bra leaving her blouse on. Reaches under her skirt and removes her panties. She hands them to me and I feel they are soaked with her juices. She is so ready to fuck. Meanwhile Geena has been playing with my cock again. She just can’t leave it alone. Geena has unzipped me again and has my cock in her mouth. I can’t get a break not that I am complaining. “We have to get off the walkway girls. Watch guards patrol them.” I say. Geena moans but gets up holding my cock pulling me to the ward and our blanket. Ashley follows with breasts exposed and hanging onto my hand. We don’t get caught and fall on the blanket giggling. Geena is out of her clothes in a flash. She looks over at Ashley and rips off her clothes too. They look at me and rip my clothes off. My cock is standing at attention and the girls are on their knees kissing me and licking me up and down. Geena pushes Ashley away and takes me in her mouth. I pull Ashley to me and start kissing her supple lips. Our tongues touch and we push our lips together harder. We lock our mouths and tongues. Our kisses stir up our souls. We feel our bodies melting together. I run my fingers through her hair pulling her with me as I lay down. I do love redheads, they are so sensual. Ashley wraps her arms around my neck and we kiss and kiss enjoying each other. Geena is munching and sucking my cock and fingering herself. Her moaning is driving my cock wild. I feel my cock roaring ready to shoot a wad of cum. Geena feels it to and starts to move faster and suck harder. I explode and she stops and sucks all my cum down her throat. She keeps sucking and I stay hard. My hands have been moving around Ashley’s body and have come to rest on her pert breasts. Her nipples were pushing against my fingers wanting to be touched and pulled. I grabbed them and pulled her nipples. A moan escaped from her mouth into mine and we kissed harder. I kept playing with her breasts and we kept kissing. She reached up and took hold of my hand and moved it down to her mound. The curly red hair was dripping wet. I poked around and found her clit standing erect and waiting to be touched. I touched her clit and felt her whole body shudder. She had just cum from having her pussy touched. What a sensitive girl. Geena is still playing with my cock. I am hard and she is sucking me again. She senses me watching her and smiles shaking her head. She is like a wild woman. All she wants is my cock. She comes up for air and moves her pussy over my cock and climbs right on. She starts riding me like I was a wild mustang. She moves back and forth and up and down riding me hard and fast. She is waving her hands and rolling her head. She loves every minute of it. Ashley and I stop kissing. I help her move her mound up to my eager lips. She turns to face Geena and sits with her mound and pussy against my mouth. I have a long tongue which has swelled during our kisses. I push it out and hit her clit, she shudders again and juice comes out onto my face. I push aside her lips with my tongue and push up inside her pussy exploring her tunnel of love. I curl my tongue like a big straw and move deeper inside. She grabs my head and pushes down on me. Her juices are flowing again. I suck them up and drive in and out of her. She is groaning and moaning just loving my tongue. She starts rocking on my mouth as if my tongue were a cock. I feel her tensing up ready to explode. Geena is riding me faster. Her pussy is tensing up too and the roaring is back in my cock. We all explode at the same time. Ashley cums in and over my mouth spreading it all over my face. Geena has spread her cum on my stomach. Geena lies beside me spent. She needs to regroup before more sex. Ashley is licking her cum off my face. When she finishes she moves down to my cock and gently licks and sucks it clean. Her lips are so soft and they revive my cock. Geena has fallen asleep next to me. She is softly snoring. Ashley is sucking my cock now and feeling it swell in her mouth. As it grows her lips and hands make it stay up. Looking up at me she says, “Can I have this next?” I smile back and reply, “Why of course. How would you like it? I am open to anything you desire.” She says. “I want it flatiron style. That makes me get off real well and lasts a long time. It is my favorite.” “Okay, I’m game to try anything new.” It turns out flatiron is also Downward Dog Style. She lies face down on the blanket, knees slightly bent and hips slightly raised. I enter her from behind and keep my weight off of her by propping myself up with my arms. She feels really snug and she moans that I am so much bigger. I thrust deep inside her very slowly. She wants me to move faster. If I move faster I will cum quicker. I want this to last. She is building quickly and groaning as I increase my tempo. I am thrusting harder inside her and she is moving back to get me to stay inside. I feel the walls of her pussy closing in around me or I am growing to fit her. Either way it feels good. Small orgasms are pulsing around my cock. Her juices are flowing again. Everything stops for a second and I feel her pussy contract and hold me into her. I come spraying my load deep inside. She comes with me groaning very loudly. We stay coupled until all the sensations subside. Geena is stirring in her sleep but does not wake. Ashley and I roll over and face each other. We smile and plant kisses all around our faces. She looks so content and fulfilled. I know I am. My nurses will be back later tomorrow. “This was the greatest night I have ever had. I don’t want it to end.” murmurs Ashley. “I like your friends and the EM Club is a great place. Can we do this again?” “Sure but I need some way to find you. Can I have your phone number?” Ashley takes out a pen and piece of paper and writes her and Geena’s number down. She hands me the paper saying “Geena and I are best friends, but if you just want one of us call us separately.” “I prefer you Ashley. Geena could wear me out. I like gentle ladies who like kissing and fondling.” “I like the way you kiss and make love to me. You are a real man. My boyfriends expect me to be ready to fuck when they walk in the door. They have no romance. I like to be treated like a woman not a piece of equipment and a receptacle for their cum. I like rough sex occasionally but not all the time.” “I can give you what you want whenever you want. Right now I better get the car and take you home. Geena goes first then you and I can continue for a while. Is that all right?” “I would love that.” I got a car and we took Geena home and tucked her in. Ashley and I spent the rest of the night together getting to know each other very well. I was thinking or how often we met while I was still in California. I wish I knew where she was now.

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