Romanian Whore Masturbates Both Anal And Vaginal

Romanian Whore Masturbates Both Anal And Vaginal

While safe-sex was practiced during the making of this fantasy, condoms and such don't make an appearance here, it is assumed that in real life, those rascals would be wrapped. The producer would also like you to know that no animals were harmed during the making of this epic.----------I was sitting on the super king-sized bed of the hotel room, propped up by the cushioned headboard. Both my hands were pumping a rabbit vibrator in and out of my steamy pussy. With the extension head just rubbing my clit and the rest of it buzzing the walls, I was able to stay just below orgasm, or rather a very long and drawn out orgasm. I was fulfilling a fantasy and I was loving every minute of it. My two chat room masturbation buddies were sucking each others cocks right here in front of me and it turned me on like never before. I think I should explain how I, a "good girl", got here in the first place...For months, I have been meeting Ray and Jonas on an erotic story web site. Their chat and messaging is excellent and we have had some lively three-way conversations. Ray is an author of several stories. I like his style and subjects. The stories always turn me on and I have fingered myself to satisfying orgasms on several occasions. His stories are romantic and some have bi-sexual themes which, I quickly discovered, had the most impact upon me...and my pussy. Women don't do it for me. One of my long-time fantasies is to have two men in bed with me and with each other.I met Ray in the chat room and I must have sounded like a gushing fan the way I went on but he was very cool with it and appreciative of my compliments. We got to talking and before you knew it, we were chatting for a little while on a few weeknights. We talked about fantasy and masturbation and sex and, on a couple of nights, we even brought each other off. He was surprised that I didn't own a vibrator. He talked openly about his bisexuality and I told him of my inhibitions, my "good girl" image and my secret side, my wild and uninhibited fantasies. I told him about how no one knows about the wild sex dreams I have, about how I must masturbate at least once a day, about how I daydream of performing acts so alien to my real lifestyle that it would shock everyone who knows me. In the past, I never acted on these urges. It was not that I repressed them, it was more like my private business and separate.A few weeks into our cyber-relationship, Jonas made a request to join us. He, too, was a big fan of Ray's stories. And, like me, had little experience in the world Ray described. He, too, lived a secret fantasy world. A couple of weeks ago, the three of us chatted and cammed as we brought each other off - or rather, Ray told us a story and got us off. It was fun watching them fist themselves as I'm sure they enjoyed watching me spread my shaved pussy lips as I diddled my clit.I knew what their privates looked like and I liked what I saw. Ray had placed pictures online as had I but Jonas didn't and I was very curious to see his face. About two weeks ago, in one of our rare intellectual moments, I chided Jonas for not revealing himself. I suggested that while his cock looked hot, the rest of him might be troll.I told him, "Two people having sex is called a twosome, three people having sex is called a threesome, four people having sex is called a foursome... Now I know why they call you handsome."He couldn't take the ribbing any longer and he turned his cam toward his face. Damn, he was very handsome indeed. I guess he was modest or perhaps afraid to reveal himself on the web. Ray and I both complimented him on his good looks, great body and sensational cock, all eight or so inches of it.Ray made a suggestion. Since he lives about a hundred miles east, Jonas about a hundred miles south and I live in the city, he said, "Why don't the three of us meet in the city for dinner. I'll take a hotel room and if things are cool, we can go back to my room and fulfill some fantasies. What do you say?" After some hemming and hawing, it was decided that we would meet. We made an agreement that if anyone wanted to back out, they could but once we got to the room, it was party time. This was a great leap for me. After of years of dreaming about it, I was going to do it. No one ever had to know. This time, it felt different, perhaps even safer. True, I didn't know these men but there was an intimacy between us which seemed to bridge many fears. Maybe I didn't care. Maybe I just wanted this to happen.I spent my idle thoughts either being scared or being incredibly turned on by the thoughts of our impending adventure. Here I am, Miss Goody Two-Shoes who never kisses on the first date, preparing to meet two men, one bisexual, the other a curious man with bi-fantasies and me, who would love just once to try double penetration. Most of all, I want to watch two men worship each others penises. As the day approached, my panties were in a constant state of dampness. I know that a few times, some of my co-workers gave me a funny look. Inside, I knew what that look meant because if I could smell myself, they most surely could as well.The very thought that I, the last person you would ever think, was going to step into the forbidden recesses of my dreams and actually live them out. Me? I was going to get royally fucked, too! Finally! Ooh, I felt so wicked.These thoughts drove me crazy all this past week. I refrained from touching myself because I wanted to be good and horny come Friday night. I so anticipated this adventure, I left work early to get myself prepared. I lounged in the scented and oiled bath. Naturally, I made sure my pussy was smooth and bare. I dressed carefully trying several panty and bra sets until I selected the dark blue thong and the matching see-though bra that displayed my round B-cups to their best. The silk blouse plunged enough to keep their eyes enchanted and the dicks extended. My skirt was not low enough to be considered slutty but I sure felt that way. My boots added some spice. I was ready. I loved the way I looked; sort of hot stuff/slut/bohemian. Tonight, I was going to be bad and it was good.Ray said he would be sitting at the bar wearing a black jacket with a red scarf around his neck. I saw him immediately and I was impressed. For an older man, he was very attractive and in excellent shape. He looked like the well-heeled Hamptonian he was. At a little over six foot and with a full head of black hair, he made a formidable impression. I sidled up to him,"Buy a girl a drink?""Taylor! Finally, we meet! Hello. Aren't you beautiful!" His eyes dropped into my cleavage. "And sexy, too. This will be a wonderful night.""Ray, you look better than your pictures or the cam. I'm looking forward to this!""Am I interrupting?" It was Jonas, all six feet two and skinny. He came off looking young with a nerdy style but he was very good looking and, also, I could tell he was scared. I leaned over and kissed his cheek as I took his hand."Jonas, it is great to meet you. You look delicious to me and I think we're going to have fun tonight."Ray leaned over and shook his hand. "We're going to have a wonderful time, you two. First, let's have something to eat. I'm starving."We were led to a small table on the banquette. As the restaurant was filled with diners, we had to keep our voices down. Our hands were another story entirely as we had become touchy-feely with each other, above and below the table.The dinner and the wine was delicious. Our chat was warm and affectionate. Several times, I noticed them staring at my cleavage and so I leaned down giving them a better view. It made me wet to know that I was making these two lust for me. I could control their every movement by how much I leaned over and exposed my breasts. Oh, the power!Dinner ended and Ray picked up the tab. He steered us toward the elevator. Jonas and I were nervous. Hell, I'd say I was a little scared, too. After a few stops, the three of us were alone until it reached his floor. "This is your last chance to back out," he said. "From here, only pleasure awaits. From here, these is no judgement, no shame, no curiosity - just pleasure. If at any time, someone does not want to do something, let's agree on a safe word. How about 'Peace'."The elevator stopped and we all walked out together. "Peace is a good word. I like it.""I Like it, too.""Then it is agreed." He keyed the slot and the door opened into a foyer. Ray had a suite on a top floor. As we entered the living room, the windows opened out on a spectacular vista of twinkling lights. "Jonas? Will you pour some drinks from the bar. There's some good red wine on the shelf. There's also booze and beer there, too. The bathroom is over here. I'll be back in a moment, I'm going to the other bathroom."Jonas went to to the bar as I took to the powder room. When I returned, he'd set up three shots of tequila and three cold beers. I smiled at his choice. Normally, I would have preferred the wine but tonight? Tonight I was going to be wild.Ray walked out of the bedroom with a lit joint in one hand and a package in the other. The rest of him was naked, not even socks."Here's to fun," said Jonas holding up his glass. We did the salt and lime thing, drank them down and then swigged the cold brew."Ahhh," sighed Ray, "that was tasty. Almost as tasty as the cleavage you've been serving us all night!"I took the joint and puffed. "And did I make your cock hard?"He took my hand and wrapped it around his stiffy. Jonas was next to me watching. I felt his hands stroke my back as I stroked Ray's wonderfully warm bone. Jonas began to kiss my neck and my earlobe. Damn, that earlobe. It does me every time. I leaned around and we kissed, first sweetly and then with hunger.Ray pulled away from me and relit the joint. "And t
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his is for you, Taylor.""I love gifts!" What could it be?" I ripped the wrapping off and in the box was a rabbit vibrator."I couldn't bear the fact that you didn't own a vibrator. Now you do. A pretty girl like you should make that gorgeous pussy purr regularly.""I love it, Ray. Thank you. I don't think I ever had the guts to buy one myself.""Use it well.""Oh, believe me, I will!""Now, if you will take your drinks. This way, please."The bedroom was dimly lit. It, too, had a fantastic view of the cityscape. The super-king-sized bed dominated. Jonas put his drink down and began to strip off his clothes. I just stood and watched as he carefully removed an article, folded it and laid it on a chair. When he was finally down to his underwear, his large package looked enticing. He lowered his tighty-whities and his large, eight-inch, fist-thick, uncut cock popped out, both Ray and I were audibly impressed. I think I gasped. I was struck by the thought of that large penis filling every square inch of me."I guess it's my turn, huh? You, too, get on the bed and I'll strip for you."I went over to the radio and found my favorite station. I listened for a few seconds and then began my striptease. Very sexy. I slowly opened my blouse and opened my bra. My breasts swung just behind the silk of the blouse and rubbed against my nipples. I removed my bra and tossed it off the side of the bed. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I slowly removed the blouse and dropped it. I was now stripped down to my panties, highlighted by my knee-high boots, I moved onto the bed. My breasts swung free and I know they looked good. I leaned over and took each cock, kissing and licking each gently and carefully. I sat back and asked them to remove my boots for me. Each boot was a thrill as well as an amusing ice-breaker. As they pulled off my boots, their hands traveled up and down my legs. When I was finally barefoot, they began to massage my feet."Wait a second." I slowly removed my thong. To be honest, the thing was drenched and becoming uncomfortable. I was glad to be rid of it. Now, naked, with two men at my feet and my exposed sex at their eye, I nodded. "Okay, you can return to that divine foot massage now."I leaned back and let their hands do me. For the next hour or so, I was the queen and subject to the devotion of two men bringing me on a roller coaster of pleasure. All for me. Ray squirted some oil into his hands and passed the bottle to Jonas. From my toes to my soles to my heels and then my thighs and then my ass. As one set of hands worked my back, another pair of hands parted my ass cheeks so a tongue could rim me. By the time I turned over, I knew I was leaking like bad faucet. And I didn't care. I wanted this and so far, I was loving this. A lot. I let my body slide under the strong hands and fingers and lips. Sometimes, a hard cock might find its way into my waiting hand. While Jonas was massaging my breasts, his cock rested on my forehead as I licked the tip.When I was stroked, caressed and probed enough, Ray had Jonas sit propped up against the headboard. Ray had me sit down on his cock as I faced him. As I worked myself down his dance pole, my muscles gripped around him and sucked all of him in. Ray held me from behind and rubbed my breasts. I felt his cock sliding against my back. Then I felt him rubbing his finger along my back door. I wiggled back against him. Meanwhile, I was planted on Jonas's cock as we slowly ground together.Ray had slipped down and was now licking from my asshole to the taint, to Jonas's balls and back. Jonas groaned, "Ray is licking my balls. Oh, that feels good."Then it was a well-oiled digit up my ass that felt good as Jonas and I found the spot inside and squirmed around on it. Damn, it felt good. Ray lifted me a little and then slid his well-oiled tube into my chute. I bore down on him and I bore down on Jonas. The two of them began a seesaw sort of motion as I rocked back and forth between them. I'd experienced anal sex a few times in my life and I liked it fine. Ray held my nipples and pulled at them. Ray's fingers rubbed my clit. I began to lose myself to the pleasure. I knew that they could feel each other as they passed over each other only heightened the sensation. They grunted and I moaned. My vagina began its vibrating thing it does when the first orgasm is approaching. Ray slowed down as Jonas sped up. Ray slipped out of me with a pop. He pulled me up with his arms around my breasts. I was like a rag-doll as he held me through my ecstasy. My long wail of pleasure exploded as his fingers touched my clit again. This time, my cunt was a latex glove over Jonas's thick cock. My juices ran down his stomach and along his chest.Ray poured some more shots and brought them to the bed. I was still sitting on Jonas's shriveled cock. We toasted again and clinked glasses. They were both still hard."I want to see you two get it on. I want to watch."Ray looked at Jonas and then down to his cock. "Go sit over there," he said, "by the headboard. If there's anything you want to see, just ask." He then went into the bathroom and washed up. I looked at Jonas and smiled. I took his hand.Ray returned lay back perpendicular to me. His six-inches rising like a mast. "Come over here Jonas and take a look at this." Jonas moved around to Ray's groin. "Feed your curiosity, Jonas. That's what we're here for tonight. Touch it. Feel it. Lick it. Enjoy it."Jonas looked closely at the hard, stiff thing. He reached out and ran his fingers along the staff and around the sac. He wrapped his hand around it."Swing around over my head. Let me suck you."Following Ray's command, Jonas's balls were now hanging over Ray's nose. Using both his hands, Ray pulled the dick down and placed the head into his mouth. His tongue wrapped around and licked it. Ray's actions were broad and dramatic. He was putting on a show for me. Ray's hands rubbed and squeezed Jonas's cheeks as he pulled the dick further into his face. Jonas had his eyes closed and was relishing the sensation. His eyes opened and he looked down at Ray's cock. Slowly, he opened his mouth and leaned down, taking the purple helmet between his lips. He was sucking Ray's cock. He seemed emboldened and took more of it down until the gag reflex kicked in and he backed off. Then he backed down and really started getting into it. These two sexy men were sixty-nining in front of me. It was so hot. It was better than I ever dreamed it. The smell of their sex and the sweat and their heat had my fingers dancing around my pussy. Then I remembered the rabbit.I reached over and took a close look at it. I liked how it could get my cunt and my clit at the same time. I put the setting on "Low" and it began to hum in my hand. The main part of it vibrated and moved in circles around the width simulating penis movement. I slowly inserted it into my vagina so that the rabbit's tongue touched the very tip of my clit. I leaned back in a haze of sensation and a big fucking smile.My men were really into it now into seriously fucking face. Ray pulled away and pulled Jonas up. "Come over here, Jonas. Stand over Taylor's face and let me finish you off. Let her watch really close when you fill my mouth with your load."I smiled at the idea. That Ray is so creative! Jonas placed his cock over my tits as Ray slurped it into his throat. I had plenty of room in which to continue my buzzing as well as see this up close. I knew I would be coming again very soon.Ray's mouth was like magic and before long, he grabbed the staff and opened his mouth so I could see the arcs of cum flying into it. He missed a few times and there were strings of cum hanging from his nose and his cheek. The head lay flat on Ray's tongue as it oozed its milky treasure.Ray leaned over and kissed me. We shared a large snowball. The cum had a saltiness that was different. I licked it off Ray's face."Now you, Ray. I want to suck you again. I want to taste your cum. This is fun."They reversed positions and now Jonas was sucking Ray whose hands were behind his knees. I put the rabbit on "medium" and felt a distinct jolt. The thing was moving around inside my vagina and hitting all the right places. The rabbit tongue was mildly whipping my clit. I bore down on it. I was cumming. I felt the first wave crash as the second wave rose. "Unh...unnh...ohhhhhhhhhh." I opened my eyes to see Ray pull his cock out and shoot ropes of stringy cum into Jonas's mouth. He turned to me and some of his cum landed on my breasts. That did it. I was gone. I was gone, gone, gone like a cool breeze. I pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go and I let my juices go. I lay back devastated. Wow! What an orgasm! Holy Moly! I was covered in sweat. We all were. The room smelled utterly decadent."That was amazing you guys. Thanks. What a show. What a vibrator." I run my index finger along the cum on my breast and licked it clean. "You were right, Ray. This is fun! I feel so loose. I can't believe I never had one of these handy devices before.""I hope not so loose that you can't take my cock," said Ray."I think that's doable, Ray. Let's just take a little break. I could use my beer and that joint. And after that, I want you to fuck me while we both suck Jonas. Does that appeal to you?"I waited so many years to satiate myself. Why had I waited so long? I was fortunate to be able to experience it with these two cool guys. The three of us made real good lovers as the night wore into day. As it had started to storm outside, we spent the weekend in bed with room service. Room service and lots of cock. Cum all over my body. Every orifice filled. Paradise.Ray's already making plans to return again soon. He said that he has plans for us and thresholds to cross. I want to go there. I'm ready.

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