Passionate kisses and tongues between three lesbians

Passionate kisses and tongues between three lesbians

Chapter 5 exposing Cindy- education our youth “The law of unintended consequences”As I entered our master bathroom, I raised my skirt hem, showing my husband that I was missing my panties; but what caught his attention was how red and swollen my vulva was. “Good lord girl! what happened to your cute little pussy? That looks absolutely raw.”“It is raw; I feel like I have been riding a 'sandpaper hobby horse'.” I replied honestly.For the next 30 minues, Jim hung on every word as I described my day of seduction by Stephen. Starting with being fingered to orgasm as I spotted Stephen on the weight bench first thing this morning, to masturbating him to orgasm, to being taken suddenly and unexpectedly on his bathroom counter, to our ‘condom run’ to the drug store, and finally concluding with the wonderful love making Stephen and I just completed, I relayed every detail.Jim became erect as soon as I started telling my tale. He quickly turned off the shower, shed his clothes, and led me to our king size bed. As I was describing Stephen taking me unexpectedly in his down stairs bathroom, Jim was trying to enter me with his erection.I interrupted my story for a moment, “Oh baby, I want you, but I am pretty sore. He really did fuck me raw today.”Jim nodded that he understood, and then reached into our nightstand and retrieved a large tube of K-Y jelly. He then coated the inner lips of my sore, swollen pussy with lubricant to facilitate my penetration.“That’s much better”, I remarked as I let my husband penetrate me before continuing relating how Stephen had cum inside me without ‘warning’; and my having to douche away the large volume of semen from inside me as Stephen watched.Jim came inside me long before I finished my story.We lay there resting, Jim gradually losing his erection inside me as we caressed each other. Since Jim has had a vasectomy, I did not have to take precautions before letting him ejaculate inside me.That night, Saturday evening, was strange and strained. Stephen was 'distant and unusually quiet all night'.I had not anticipated Stephen’s discomfort around Jim, but he was quite uncomfortable and it showed. I quickly concluded that because Stephen was such a legitimately good boy, he would suffer considerable guilt from fucking another man’s wife. I assumed that this guilt was compounded by the fact that Stephen had known Jim since he was a toddler, and they legitimately liked each other. Stephen viewed Jim as a ‘second father’ of sorts.Then it dawned on me, Stephen also had viewed me as ‘second mother’ of sorts as well. Had I done the unthinkable? Had I initiated a relationship with this young man that had a small incestuous component to it from his psychological standpoint? Or was this just a healthy sexual encounter between a teenager coming of age and an older woman? I had to put these thoughts aside for the moment and focus on the issue at hand, ‘how to deal with Stephen’s guilt and the associated discomfort towards Jim’.We got through dinner. Jim and I both made attempts to engage Stephen in casual conversation, but we were unsuccessful. Stephen was obviously in a different, far away world of his own thoughts right now, and he did not engage in the conversations except to respond politely to direct questions.Jim and I retired to the family room to watch a movie after dinner, and we invited Stephen to join us, but he politely declined, preferring to escape to the secure environment of the basement.As the movie started, Jim turned to me and suggested, “Maybe you should go check on him. He is obviously struggling with this situation. This afternoon may have been a mistake.”I nodded, and sat there silently collecting my thoughts for a minute or so before heading downstairs to address the unintended consequence of Stephen’s awkwardness in Jim’s presence.I knocked on the door to the bedroom before opening the door, and saw Stephen lying on his bed, watching a show about Alaska earthquakes on the Discovery channel. “Are you OK?”Stephen nodded, “I’m fine.”“Well you don’t seem fine. What’s going on in that head of yours?” I said as I sat on the bed next to him.“Nothing. It’s just a lot to process, today and all.” He paused.And I gave him a look that was meant to say ‘come on, tell me what’s really going on’. Stephen understood and continued. He began to open up a bit, “It is weird with Jim and all. I could hear you two having sex this afternoon rigth after you and I made love. I didn’t like thinking about him being with you, or in you. I did not like hearing the two of you together. ”OK, this was an unexpected reaction, and it caught me by surprise. Stephen was feeling some jealousy towards my husband for fucking his own wife. This was more complicated than I anticipated.“I am his wife, Stephen. He is allowed to have sex with me.” This might not have been the best response, but these were the words that first came to me.“I know, I know. I know I have no rights here at all. He does, I don’t. But I did not like it anyway.” He paused and then went on, “I doubt he would like it if the situation was reversed.”So Stephen was feeling jealous and territorial. I had not seen this situation coming. I tried hard to think about my reponse.“Well, Stephen, in a situation like this, you have to decide if you are comfortable sharing me. If you are not, then we need to stop this. We probably should never have started this in the first place. At this moment, I feel like I have done something that might actually hurt you today. I am sorry.” I placed my hand on his thigh in a loving, not sexual manner to reassure him.A look of genuine fear awept over Stephen. “Oh please do not say that. Please do not say that this was a mistake. This afternoon was the most beautiful experience of my life.” Stephen got a bit dramatic for a moment, “I think I would just die if you said we could not ever do that again.”He stopped to collect himself before continuing, “Do you think Jim would be willing to share if he knew? That’s what you are telling me I have to do; is share you, and you are saying I should like doing it.”“You raise an interesting question, Stephen. I am not sure how willing Jim would be to ‘share’ me if he knew. He is not a jealous man. And above all he wants me to be happy. He might be OK with sharing me if he knew it was with someone I cared about and they cared about me; if he knew that my involvement did not threaten the relationship he and I have. I don’t know.”Stephen listened but looked unconvinced; no actually he looked quite skeptical.“Maybe you should ask him if he is willing to share me.” I quipp
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ed with a smile.“Oh yeah, right. I can just see that happening. The question would be ‘would he throw me out of his house before or after he tried to beat the shit out of me?’. I don’t see me having that conversation with Jim.” He said shaking his head as he spoke.“You may be right. I don’t know. But I wanted to check on you, and make sure you were OK. Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better about this right now, or should I just leave you alone?”His face got sad suddenly, “Yes, there is something you can do. Please promise that we can still be together no matter what. Promise me that you won’t decide this was a huge mistake and needs to stop. Don’t do that to me, please.” There was a tone in Stephen’s voice that bordered on panic as he spoke.I squeezed his thigh and said, “OK. I promise. I promise that we can be together as long as I feel that I am not harming you.” I looked at him, and felt an incredible affection for this young man. It was a type of love, a mixture of passion and maternal protectiveness that I had not experienced before. “I do not know if I could stop myself from being with you again even if I wanted to. Can I do something for you right now? I’d like to.”Stephen looked at me puzzled, unsure of what I had just asked. I reached over, and unbuckled his pants, unsnapped the clasp and pulled down the zipper. He assited me by raising his hips as I pulled down his pants. He quickly understood what I was offering. Naked from the waist down, he began to grow erect even before I touched him. He wrestled with pulling his tee shirt over his head so that he was naked except for his socks! He actually looked cute lying there wearing only his sock and hard-on.I took his partially erect penis in my hand and leaned forward to kiss it. I wanted to feel it grow in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. The bedroom door was open behind me, but I was unconcerned with being disturbed. I knew Jim would respect my privacy tonight. Besides, the floor would creak if Jim attempted to venture downstairs giving us ample warning. Stephen motioned to the door. “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” I reassured him. The door remained open.My tongue danced around the head of Stephen’s magnificent cock and in moments, he was fully erect. His rigid, thickly veined penis was pulsing to the touch of my lips and the penetration of my tongue into the hole at the tip. Stephen really liked it when I placed the tip of my tongue into his urethra.Stephen was moaning and arching his hips to push more deeply into my mouth, trying to ‘fuck my mouth’ as I teased his head. I resisted his attempts to plunge deep into my mouth and throat, preferring to tease the head of his cock instead.His pace and his breathing quickened, and his penis became larger still as it throbbed against my tongue. I loved being able to experience my young lover’s impending orgasm this way. I was aware of every pulse, throb and twitch his erection made as he prepared to ejaculate in my mouth.Stephen let me know he was getting ready to cum, giving me the choice as to whether to pull away or not.Now, I have ‘given head’ to many men over the years, but up till now, when a man got ready to ejaculate, I would pull away and finish the job manually. Up till now, cumming in my mouth was a privilege that I reserved for my husband only, and for him it was a rare treat. But this was special. Stephen was special; very special to me. I wanted to taste him, to savor his semen in my mouth and ingest him.Having ejaculated three times already that day, the volume of Stephen’s ejaculate was not large, but it was not insignificant either. He pumped several reasonably sized strings of semen into my waiting mouth. I swallowed the first quickly, preparing for the next spurt, but I held the next two shots of sperm in my mouth; savoring its salty, slightly bitter taste on my tongue even as I pulled his penis from my mouth. I wanted this moment to last.With two coin sized ‘dollops’ of his sperm resting on my tongue, I opened my mouth to show Stephen his ejaculate, closed my mouth and slowly swallowed as he watched me. “I love the way you taste. I want you to know, you are only the second man that I have let cum in my mouth. You are now in a very, very exclusive club with Jim.”Stephen smiled broadly, obviously please with his initiation to the club. “Honest?”“Yes, honest. Only Jim and you have cum in my mouth, ever. No one else. Now I want you to do me a favor.” I said.“Anything.” He responded with legitimate enthusiasm. “I want you to put on your clothes, and come up stairs and watch TV with Jim and me. Will you do that for me?”Stephen smiled and nodded, “OK, I will.”“I’ll give you a chance to get dressed. I will tell Jim you are going to join us after all.” And I headed up stairs. Jim was anxiously waiting for an update on Stephen. Jim looked at me questioningly, “well, is everything OK?”“I think it will be but he is a little conflicted right now. He is going to come up and join us though.” I said as I sat on Jim’s lap. “Can you smell anything on my breath?” I whispered in his ear as seductively as I could.“”No, like what?” he asked in a confused tone.“Like Stephen’s semen? I just bribed him with his first ‘full swallow blow job’! He seemed to like it.” I smiled at him and added, “Want to kiss me?” and I puckered up playfully.Jim reacted as I hoped he would, He pushed me playfully off his lap and to the floor. “You are a wicked, wicked little girl. I can’t believe you just did that. No, I will wait until you brush for my next kiss. You are a very bad little girl.”“So it’s OK for Stephen’s semen to find its way into my mouth, but not yours? I will have to remember that.” I said as playfully as I could in a stage whisper of sorts.“Yes, try to remember that. That is one of those ‘rules’ I don’t want you forgetting.” Jim said sternly.Jim was reminding me once again that the thought of other men’s semen on me and in me was arousing for him to think of, and arousing to watch, but he did not personally want any contact with it himself. Men can be kind of skittish about things like that I guess. At least Jim was.Stephen came upstairs a minute later, and we watched “Terminator” on one of the cable channels. The movie was perfect for two guys, emotionally attached to the same woman, trying to sort out their feelings. This was a violent, 'guys movie' that took their attentions from me and kept them focused on the screen.For me, I just enjoyed sitting with the two men in my life at that moment. I was happy and content.Coming soon - Chapter 6"my voyeur husband"

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