He Catched It When He Smelled Her Panties

He Catched It When He Smelled Her Panties

"Okay, Mom. I've got all my stuff packed," I said as I made my way to the steps.I could tell my mom wasn't happy about my decision to spend my summer vacation with my father and stepmom in Indiana.But I was now eighteen, and I think she was worried I would just move out there to live if she made a big fuss about it.You see, my parents divorced back when I was twelve, and from what Mom had told me, she caught dad having an affair.That's why Mom didn't care for Dad now, and I did my best not to show my excitement.I was especially over-anxious to meet my stepmom for the first time. I had never met her since Mom was deadset against me visiting Dad.But from the pictures I had seen of her, she was a total fox. One photo, in particular, would cause my dick to twitch every time I looked at it.It was a picture of them standing arm in arm on a beach. Dad was in red swim trunks and Bethany, my stepmom, had on this super sexy hot pink bikini.I swear it barely covered her perky sizeable breasts. The material was so thin it was easy to make out her huge areolas as they jutted out from the fabric.Bethany looked much younger than Dad in the photo and had long black hair. Her eyes were brown, and her lips were full. I'm not sure of her height yet, but her head was just about to my dad's shoulder.I never could understand why Dad would have an affair since my mother is the sexiest forty-two-year-old woman I know.Mom is about 5'2 and a slim build. Her chest size isn't as large as Bethany's; she's about a C cup. Her hair is straight, blonde, and just below her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, and like Bethany, she has full lips.From time to time, as Mom cleaned and moved around the house, my eyes would catch her firm and circular bum as she bent over. This would always cause a rise in my shorts. Even on occasion, I wonder what she would do if I just reached out and grabbed her ass.I never considered my erotic thoughts of Mom nasty or thought of it as improper getting turned on by my mother. She limited my dating experiences to be virtually nonexistent. So my only relief would be to jerk off to images of her as I laid in bed."You are sure you packed your underwear and socks," I heard from the other room."Yes, I'm sure. Mom, when are you going to treat me like an adult. I am eighteen now," I said in a huffy voice."Never... You're always going to be my little boy, and there's nothing you can say or do to change that."I just rolled my eyes and made my way to the car. I opened the trunk and tossed my luggage inside. Just then, I felt a soft hand upon my shoulder."I'm sorry, Tyler. I know you're an adult now. I'll just have to accept the fact that my little boy has grown up."I could see Mom's eyes tearing up, which made me turn and give her a big hug. She wasted no time embracing me tightly, and I could feel her soft breasts press firmly against my chest.My dick began to strain against my blue jeans as we held our embrace for more than the usual time. Quickly, I broke away before it was evident I was getting hard."You want me to drive, Mom," I said when I noticed her tear-filled eyes."Yes, I think that would be best."As we drove toward the airport, I could see Mom getting more and more depressed, so I tried to say something to make her feel better."Mom... It's only for the summer.""I know, sweetie. It's just that I've never been alone before.""You know I'm only a phone call away."Mom just smiled and patted my leg.Leaving Mom behind was more complicated than I thought, and we hugged one last time before I got on the plane.However, once again, I became aware of Mom's breasts as they squished between us and sent my dick into full hardness. Then I felt this strong urge to lower my hands down and grab her ass.Thankfully, Mom pulled away before I could act on my perverted impulse.The flight to Dad's wasn't long, and he and Bethany greeted me.Holy fuck! I thought. Bethany was even younger and sexier than the photos I'd seen.Dad hugged me, and so did Bethany. And once again, my dick went stiff when her fantastic jugs pressed into me.As we walked around to the luggage area and then to the car, I couldn't stop myself from watching Bethany's ass as it swayed from side to side.The tight white pants she wore showed off her sexy, firm bum beautifully. Like when I hugged Mom for the last time. I wanted to reach out and take hold of her marvelous ass in both my hands and just squeeze.You're one horny dude today. I thought to myself as we finally reached Dad's car.The ride to Dad's house was long, but the conversation never hit a low. As Dad drove, Bethany and I talked, and I had been right about her age. I was shocked when I found out she was only six years older than me.Once at the house, Dad unloaded the car while Bethany showed me around. I knew Dad did well in business but never thought he would own such a sizeable house.The downstairs had a large dining and living room along with a recreation room in the back of the house. The kitchen had a white tile floor with tan granite tops and barstools around an eating area. The upstairs was just as impressive, with a master bed and bath and three bedrooms that had their private bathrooms.Bethany then took me outside behind the house and showed me the concrete patio surrounding a large in-ground pool and hot tub. Behind the pool were many mature trees and a lush green lawn. A tall, white privacy fence enclosed the entire yard.Dad met us in the backyard, and we sat on the patio talking some more before calling it a night.Dad showed me to my room and said, "Goodnight, son. I hope you enjoy your visit.""I'm sure I will."After Dad left, I sat beside the bed and called Mom to tell her I made it okay and that I missed her. Mom expressed how she missed me also and asked about Bethany. I didn't want Mom to get upset once more, so I played it down, saying how she looked plain and didn't bother to mention how young she was.We talked for another ten minutes and then said goodnight. I promised to call Mom again soon.I didn't feel like looking for my PJ's, so I just stripped naked and turned off the light. I then crashed onto the bed and looked up at the dark ceiling, and pictured Bethany's ass as it swayed in those tight white pants until I fell asleep.When morning came, I had a raging boner. Bethany's sweet ass was still dancing in my brain.Well, there's only one thing I can do. I thought to myself and headed for the shower. As the hot water washed over my back, I jerked my cock to Bethany's sultry image.I was just about to blow my load when I heard, "Oh, I'm so sorry."Being startled, I turned towards the glass doors and, with my stiff cock still in my hand, saw Bethany standing there looking down at my rod holding a bunch of towels.Seeing Bethany staring at my cock caused me to explode. My cum plastered all over the glass door, and I heard Bethany say, "Oh!" before she quickly turned and rushed out.I felt embarrassed by what had happened but also excited. Quickly, I dried myself off and dressed. I figured I should apologize for what I did and went in search of Bethany. She was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, and I immediately told her I was sorry."No, I'm sorry, Tyler. I shouldn't have entered your room like that. I was in a daze and didn't realize you were taking a shower, and um... You know... relieving yourself.""That's okay. I was kind of in a daze myself," I chuckled. Hoping that would break the tension I felt now between us."Missing your girlfriend back home?" Bethany questioned."Um... No, I don't have a girlfriend. Mom was kind of strict about me dating. She thought it would have interfered with my schoolwork.""Oh, that's too bad.""I was actually thinking about this new girl I met. I can't seem to shake her from my mind.""Well, I hope she knows how you feel about her.""I think she does now," I said.Bethany stopped cooking and just stood there looking at the frying pan.Oh shit, I went too far. I thought.Think idiot, think before she says something."So, where is Dad?""Uh... Oh... Your father already went to work. Take a seat as these are just about finished.""You didn't have to make me breakfast.""I don't mind. Besides, I don't like eating alone."Bethany and I ate and talked for about an hour. She told me how Dad had been leaving early and staying late at work for the last couple of months.When we finished, I offered to wash the dishes, but Bethany sent me on my way. I went into the living room and turned the television on.I wasn't aware that Bethany finished the dishes and changed until she came into the room wearing her tiny bikini. My mouth watered as I gazed at her beautiful half-naked figured and could feel my cock stiffening in my pants."If you need anything, I'll be out back laying in the sun," Bethany said as she walked away, shaking her barely covered ass.Quickly, I went up to my room and peeked out the window. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw Bethany lying next to the pool with her marvelous ass sticking up.My hand went to my cock, which was already stiff, and I fondled it until I noticed her move and hid from view.I waited a couple of seconds and steadily peered out the window once more. Bethany was now lying on her back with a pair of dark sunglasses that made it impossible for me to tell if she could see me spying on her.I stood there and jerked off, wishing I could run my hands over those wonderful tits until I came.Cleaning myself up, I went back to the living room and watched TV until Beth was finished tanning."So you feel like seeing some sights," she asked."Yeah, that sounds like a great idea."Beth went and changed, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a tight white tee shirt. I couldn't help but lock my eye onto her breast when I noticed her nipples pressing hard against the shirt."Hey... Eyes up here," she said laughingly."Oh, sorry," I replied, feeling my face blush."You young men are all like. Only thinking of one thing.""Well, it's hard not to when your stepmom is a hottie!"Beth gave me a skeptical look and chuckled before asking if I was ready.I sprang up, and we headed out the door.Time seemed to fly by as she showed me around town, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with her. I wished it didn't have to end, but we had to make it home before Dad arrived so Beth could make supper.Beth was a great cook, and I complimented her as we all sat and ate dinner. Dad asked what I did for the day and told him about Beth and me sightseeing.He explained what Beth had already said to me about working late and wished he could take some time off. However, his deadline made it impossible to do so.Bethany spoke up and said she didn't mind keeping me company, and I felt pleased hearing that.After dinner, we all went out back to the patio and made more small talk as Dad and Bethany enjoyed a glass of wine. I was feeling tired and excused myself, saying I had to call Mom before going to sleep.Mom seemed a little upset when I went over what we had done so far out here and questioned me more about Bethany.It was getting more challenging for me to disguise my true feelings for her and exactly how hot she was. I think Mom saw through my attempt but didn't let on when we said goodbye.The next couple of days were just like my first. Beth would lay out; I would jerk off, and we would go sightseeing until Dad came home at night.Then came the morning Beth was tanning, and I noticed her hand leisurely go between her legs and lightly tickle her pussy through her bikini bottoms.My mouth dropped along with my pants, and I stroked my cock feverishly to the sight before my eyes. I was just about to explode when Bethany suddenly stopped and lifted her glasses. I stood frozen when I saw her looking up at my window.To my amazement, Bethany quickly went back to rubbing herself but also moved her other hand to a breast, playing with her nipple through the bikini top. I could see by her expression she was getting into it until the phone rang.Bethany fixed herself and went inside to answer the phone. I was way too close to shooting at that point and finished myself off in the bathroom."That was your father. He's working late tonight, so it will just be us at dinner," I heard Bethany yell."Oh, okay," I responded as I cleaned myself up.I went back downstairs to find Bethany in the kitchen sipping a glass of ice tea. She asked if I wanted a drink. I nodded yes while taking a seat at the table. She rose and went to the fridge.I couldn't take my eyes off her sexy figure and hoped I would get another chance to see her masturbate.However, Beth caught me gawking when she looked over her shoulder and smile."Jesus, Tyler, you would swear you never seen a woman in a bikini before.""Well, not one with such a sexy body," I said."My god, I think
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we need to find you a girlfriend and quick," Bethany laughingly said.So as we sat and drank our tea, Bethany came up with a plan for the rest of the day. She and I would go to the public pool. Beth figured I would be able to meet girls my age and just maybe hit it off with one of them.In reality, I wanted to go back to seeing her tickle her twat and was kind of surprised it was never mentioned.Maybe she didn't see me?Bethany changed into a slim black summer dress and drove us to the pool. Once inside, we found a grassy spot, and she laid out a towel and pulled the dress over her head, revealing a different swimsuit.This one was a red one-piece that was more conservative. It still showed off Bethany's sexy figure and accented her gorgeous ass.However, it covered most of her bum, unlike the bikini did."We'll... Get going. I see a lot of sexy girls for you to meet," Beth said, pointing to the pool.I tried to make some small talk and introduced myself to most of the girls there. Nevertheless, being a stranger, I didn't have much luck. Either they already had a boyfriend or questioned me about the girl I kept staring at.It seemed out of all the girls here. Bethany still had my eye, and I couldn't hide the fact.I was just about to give up when Bethany waved me to come over and noticed a girl about my age next to her."Tyler, this is Heather," Bethany said.Heather was a very nice-looking girl with long chestnut hair and brown eyes. She was about as tall as me and had a slim figure. Her little perky tits were jutting out of her black one-piece, and I just smiled and shook her hand.It turned out that Bethany and Heather knew each other from the neighborhood, and Bethany explained how I didn't know anyone yet.The rest of the day was spent talking with Heather and her friends. Bethany came up to us and said she had more things to do. She then asked Heather if she could give me a ride back home, to which Heather simply replied, "No problem."It was almost dark when we left the pool, but Heather and her friends also had plans for the night. They asked if I wanted to join in, and I was more than willing to agree.Heather dropped me off at home, and I told Bethany about going to the drive-in with Heather and her gang.I devoured something and changed clothes. My lusting over Bethany seemed diminished, and I was now interested in seeing what might happen with Heather.I heard a car horn beep and said goodbye to Bethany."Don't stay out too late," I heard as I closed the door.The drive-in was okay, but nothing advanced any further with Heather and me. Even after I tried some of my slick moves, it appeared friends were all she was looking for. So I did my best not to show my disappointment as we watched the movie.After the movie, the group wanted to do more stuff, but I was getting bored and asked to go home. So Heather dropped me off before they headed onto their next night adventure.The house was quiet, and I figured dad and Bethany would be sleeping, so I went into the kitchen to get a glass of ice tea. However, as I poured the glass, I heard bare feet walking across the tile floor and turned around.Holy Fuck! I thought as Bethany walked towards me wearing a sheer milky sleep shirt that clearly showed her naked breast and white bikini panties underneath."Oh, sorry for the intrusion," Bethany said as she sat upon a chair closest to the refrigerator.I couldn't take my eyes off her and muttered some words that didn't even make sense. Bethany just chuckled and said, "Tyler, does this outfit bother you?""Huh? Oh... Hell no... I think you look super hot.""At least someone in the house noticed. Your father didn't even take a second look and went right to sleep.""I can tell you I won't be getting much sleep now."Bethany blushed after I said that, and she changed the subject."So, how did your night with Heather go?"I sat next to Bethany and told her how the night went and how nothing happened."Oh, sorry, Tyler. I thought you two hit it off this afternoon.""So did I.""There's always tomorrow," Bethany said and rose from her chair."I guess you're right."Again, Bethany chuckled and leaned in and pecked my cheek."Goodnight," she said and walked away, shaking her gorgeous ass."Goodnight," I replied and added. "Thanks for the memories."Bethany glanced over her shoulder and smiled as she gave her ass a little shake for me.That night as I jerked off to the Image of Bethany in her night attire, and wished I had taken things further.Maybe that's why she came downstairs. I thought.I mean, why else would she walk in only wear that outfit? "You fucking idiot!" I said to myself.If another opportunity arises, I'm going for it.The next day started the same. Dad left early; Beth made breakfast, and we sat talking about general things until Bethany brought up my mother.She seemed interested in asking me peculiar questions. She wanted to know if my mother looked her age and if I thought she was sexy. The questions embarrassed me, but I answered as truthfully as I could.Beth stopped talking and seemed lost in thought when I inquired about her family. Even so, I wasn't as blunt as she was and kept my questions simple, such as what do her parents did for a living?It turned out her mom had passed away, and her father remarried a much younger woman. I could tell by Bethany's voice, she didn't care much for her new stepmom but also detected some jealousy.After we ate, I went into the living room and once again turned on the tube. Bethany finished the dishes and again changed into her tiny bikini.However, this time she asked if I would like to lie outside with her.Of course, I agreed and went to change into a pair of swimming trunks.When I made it to the backyard, Bethany had moved another folding recliner next to hers, and she was already lying on her back with those dark glasses on.I was standing next to the vacant recliner and said, "Is this spot taken," and chuckled."No, it's all yours. I think you'll like it better than your window seat.""Oh, you saw that?"Bethany lightly laughed and just nodded her head.I felt my face blushing as I sprawled out on the chair.As we soaked up the sun, I made some light conversation hoping it would keep her off the topic of my watching her in self-pleasure.However, I was caught off guard when she forwardly asked, "So Tyler, are you still a virgin?""Hugh... Umm. Well, kind of."Bethany rose on her elbows and looked at me with a puzzled expression, and said, "Kind of? How can you be kind of?""I had a girl make me um... Cum by jerking me off before," I replied.Bethany laughed loudly at my comment and said, "So you're still a virgin then."Her laughing irked me, and I felt myself become brave and daring."I think you need more lotion on your skin," I blurted out, hoping it would cut her laughing short."You think so?" Bethany replied and reached for the bottle. However, I got to it first and sat up."I'll put it on for you."Bethany paused for a moment before replying, "Okay."She then sat up, leaving me room to tuck behind her. I straddled the chair with my legs and sat down behind Bethany.I saw her looking over her shoulder as I applied a generous amount of lotion to my hands. But the concoction felt real slick and asked what this was."It's baby oil and iodine, silly. It helps me get the most out of my tanning time.""Oh.." I replied, but her calling me silly only irked me more.Silly am I? A virgin, am I? I thought and grew more brazen as I slowly massaged the slick oil into her shoulder blades.I was in no rush to complete my task and enjoyed how her soft skin felt on my palms as I rubbed my way down her back, adding more oil as I went.It was more of a seducing massage than applying lotion, and we both were getting into it. My dick was pressing hard against the inside of my shorts now, and when I traced my hands lightly up her spine, I heard a low sigh.I added more oil and massaged where her shoulders met her neck. Bethany lowered her head forward and eased herself back until her slick skin was pushing into my chest."Like that?" I asked."Oh yes. It feels wonderful. It's so relaxing.""Then let's get more comfortable," I said, quickly getting up and repositioned the recliner to add a backrest. I then sat back down with my legs spread over the chair but pulled Bethany close until her ass was right against my hard groin.I could feel the crack of her butt slide against my cock as she rested her back on my chest once again. I held her shoulders and eased both of us backward until I was against the backrest."Oh yes.." Bethany purred when I went back to rubbing the oil on her lower neck.I heard soft whimpers and saw her clutch the side of the chair as I slowly maneuvered my hand forward and was now rubbing the front of her shoulder blades and across the top of her chest.My cock was at full hardness and oozing precum as I eased my hand lower. I stopped just above her breasts and worked back towards her upper arms."I think this might be feeling too good," Bethany said and wiggled her ass against my stiff cock."I think it's just fine," I replied and leaned forward, kissing the nape of her neck while I squeezed her upper arms."Oh... Tyler... I don't think your father would approve of this," She softly moaned."Shhh... It's okay. Just a friendly message," I whispered back into her ear as my hands rubbed down her arms and across her tummy.I continued to lightly kiss her neck as my hands rubbed in circles on her stomach. Bethany's breathing became heavier, and I knew she was getting as turned on as I was. I went for broke and leisurely inched my hands higher up her front until they were lightly touching the underside of her beautiful breasts.Bethany didn't stop me, so I proceed further and hooked my thumbs under her bikini top, slowly pulling it up and off.However, when my palms touched her bare breast, I heard her mumble, "I think this is more than a friendly message.""Shhh... Relax. I know you're enjoying this," I said boldly and rubbed my hands playfully across her bosoms. I kept rubbing my finger around her areolas until her nipples became super hard.I could hear her panting now, and I pushed my stiff cock harder against her ass as I squeezed her globes."Tyler... Oh, Tyler. Too far... This is too far," I heard her plead, but I ignored it and lowered my left hand down past her tummy, and palmed her bikini-covered mound.Her body shivered when I touched her sacred spot, and she let out a louder moan.I rubbed my hand up and down on her covered pussy and could feel her getting wetter with every stroke. Her moans became more frequent, and her ass was now lifting off the recliner, meeting my every stroke."You like this, don't you," I said as I pressed my fingers tight against her pussy and pushed the material into her slit."Oh... Yes, but we have to stop," Bethany barely whispered as I pushed my hand harder and faster against her covered mound. I felt her hard clit against my fingers.My precum-soaked cock was sliding up and down her crack as her own body was bucking and pushing against my fingers.It's was now or never. I thought and quickly slipped my hand inside her bikini bottoms until I had three fingers inside her soaked cunt."Oh, Tyler! Jesus! Oh," Bethany wailed and thrashed around as I finger fucked her and pinched her hard nipple. She was super hot, and so was I.Fucking her was my only thought now. As her cunt thrust hard against my finger, I momentarily stopped playing with her chest and struggled to lower my shorts.But with Bethany's ass smashing against my groin made it almost impossible to do.However, I finally managed to free my manhood and slid my bare cock against her covered ass.My cock begged to touch bare skin, and I tried to ease her bottoms down as I kept fucking her hard with my fingers.However, before I could get them lowered, Bethany grabbed my invading hand and held it in place as her cunt tightened around my fingers.Then she made a strange groaning sound when her body started to tremble erratically.I had never felt a woman orgasm before, and I was astonished by how hot it was to experience it firsthand.In my state of awe, I didn't have a chance to stop Bethany when she released her grip on my hand and rose from the chair.Now I was looking up at her as she gazed upon my exposed hard dick."Thank you. Now it's your turn," Bethany said as she picked up the oil and slicked up her hands.Sitting back down facing me with her legs spread across the chair, she grasped my stiff rod and stroked it vigorously.I was already very close to shooting my load, and it didn't take long before my cum was flying all over the chair, us, and the patio.Bethany smiled, leaned up, and said, "I think that will hold you for a while," and walked back into the house. 

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